Who Should Be The NFL 2017 MVP? – Week 4

After a necessary interruption by the terrible events of September 19, we are back with my list towards the 2017 MVP. Already four weeks in the records this season, only one undefeated and many surprises in the league.

Honorable Mention: Deshaun Watson – QB – Houston Texans

Sometimes statistics do not reflect the impact of a player on a team. Watson has generated a very important change for the offensive of Houston, that had had problems with Tom Savage to move the ball. Three and a half games after coach Bill O’Brien decided to bring him down to center, the Texans’ offense looks much better, with an ambitious QB, who is not afraid to take risks and play from you to you with any team. Some will give credit to the Houston defense, but there is no defense that will keep you in a game if you do not score points on the offense and Watson has been generating them: he has 9 TD totals.

File First and Ten

Although it also has 6 ball deliveries, I think any team prefers a QB with that problem but note that one just does not do anything. Watson not only scores, makes big plays and takes risks, which has been better for the Texans .

10.Carson Wentz – QB – Philadelphia Eagles
(Previous Position: NA)

When the Eagles went up in the Draft to select Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford asked for his redemption, which was criticized for not wanting to compete for the position. Now I understand everything: I would not like to compete for the starting position with Wentz, it’s a different kind of world. It has everything you can ask for in a player: leadership, ability to make big plays, heart and many more things. If Philly is at the top of the NFC East it is largely by Wentz. After four weeks of play and his loss in Week 2, Wentz overcame his mistakes and beat Giants and Chargers, who despite their records are not easy rivals.

9.Jared Goff – QB-Los Angeles Rams
(Previous Position: NA)

Of course there is Todd Gurley in the backfield doing what he is asked, and there is the impact factor of coach Sean McVay on the team. But Jared Goff is having a really good season, throwing chocolates into the hands of his receivers and making better decisions every time. We need to polish it in the red zone, but Goff is one of the top three reasons why the Rams have excellent chances of winning their division and returning to postseason.

8.DeMarcus Lawrence – DE – Dallas Cowboys
(Previous Position: NA)

Problematic at times and with low play in previous years, but DeMarcus Lawrence is finally playing as Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and any Dallas fan would have expected. In 2014 the Cowboys selected him early in the second round with high expectations, and in his fourth year as a professional Lawrence is playing at an extraordinary level: he has 7.5 sacks and 3 of them against Arizona. He needs to improve his attitude, but if the Cowboys needed a “play maker” in the defense after so many losses, here they have it.

7.Stefon Diggs – WR – Minnesota Vikings
(Previous Position: NA)

How to leave Diggs off this list is the league’s receiving leader and has responded when requested. The receiver of the Vikings has enviable hands, plus a lot of explosiveness and ability to make big plays. No matter who tosses him, Diggs catches: 391 yards in four weeks and two wins in which he has been key.

6.Matthew Stafford – QB – Detroit Lions
(Previous Position: 2)

The best paid here is still. The Lions will have a defeat but they stayed within inches of going undefeated. Stafford remains a strong candidate for the MVP. He did not play a great game against Minnesota even though they won, but how much you can demand if you made five sacks and the Vikings’ fronts came all over the place. Stafford makes Detroit a tough contender to win the division and even the conference.

5.Aaron Rodgers – QB – Green Bay Packers
(Previous Position: NA)

A-Rod continues to do what he always does: he beat up a very fragile Bears, but Rodgers is not a candidate for MVP NFL 2017 for that reason but for matches like the one he got against Cincinnati, which was his first win in extra time, he did it in an extraordinary way for all and normal in him. He has conditions no one else, and there is no defense that can stop him when he is stoned. The difference between all of this list and Rodgers, is that Green Bay 12 has had a terrible defense for years and nonetheless yields to the same level.

4.Todd Gurley – RB – Los Angeles Rams
(Previous Position: NA)

Two Rams on the list after four weeks, I think not many people would have thought it at the beginning of the season. I mentioned three reasons why the Rams are at the top of their division and Gurley is one of them. The arrival of Sean McVay is another and has fallen wonderfully to both Goff and Gurley. The rider was very low playing the previous season and now he is back, with an excellent QB, a young HC and a better defense. Gurley is only behind Kareem Hunt as NFL leader in rushing yards (362) and almost 600 totals, with 7 touchdowns and only 1 fumble lost.

3.Tom Brady – QB – New England Patriots
(Previous Position: 6)

Yes, they lost to Kansas City and Carolina, but at least in the last game Brady was the least guilty. It is impossible to compete with a defense like yours. If an offense scores 30 points and your defense allows 33 you can not claim much at first, I suppose. Brady only works, does well and gives his team all of himself to win games, it keeps him high on this list. He leads the league with almost 1 400 yards thrown, 10 TD and not a single interception. Quite solid for four games, right?

2.Kareem Hunt – RB – Kansas City Chiefs
(Previous Position: 1)

The most valuable runner of the season so far after he fumbled on his first carry in the NFL. They are 502 rushing yards that Hunt accumulates in his four matches, plus 6 TD, but also is important the impact he is having on this offense. Running so explosively has allowed his QB Alex Smith to look for holes in the defense. He runs outside and inside, is elusive and explosive, breaks tackles, gets difficult yards and catches balls. Very impressive everything that has shown us this newbie.

1.Alex Smith – QB – Chiefs
(Previous Position: 5)

The QB of the only undefeated team, is not enough? Nearly 1,100 yards, 8 TD and zero ball deliveries should be. It has no shocking numbers in every game, but it has been solid and a fundamental piece so that your team does not lose a single match so far this season. The Chiefs are contenders, although some do not want to see it and this is what they lack, to play complete matches. This year Alex Smith has played 16 full quarters.

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