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The National Football League ( National Football League ) is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sports leagues in the world. American football was practiced about a century ago: it was born in the United States as a variant of English rugby, so for those who are not very familiar with the subject, the name of football can be misleading. Our football ( English football ) is, as you know, known in North America as soccer.

NFL Live Stream

The NFL’s unparalleled spectacle

American football is a highly competitive contact sport that requires a great physical training and that in the last years has been involved in a great controversy by the cerebral injuries suffered by many players, as a result of the continuous blows and shocks that suffer their heads . Will Smith himself portrayed in the film Concussion (2015) the Nigerian doctor who detected and reported the concealment of player injuries by the NFL.

But nothing fades and can be compared to the expectation generated by the Super Bowl, the final of the championship whose last edition was played on February 5 in Houston. This time, the star in charge of resting in a show sponsored by a refreshment company, and which is set up as if it were a spectacular concert with millions of dollars, was Lady Gaga. The most watched broadcast of what is the most important musical event of the year (although not really musical, but sports), was followed in the United States by 116.5 million spectators. Only in USA!

Generally, the season in the NFL begins the Thursday following the day of the work in the United States, that is celebrated the first Monday of September. Since that time, and for 17 weeks, plus another five after the season, you can follow matches of this great sport. In the official web of the league you can consult all kinds of information about teams, calendar, results, players, etc., but it is not always easy to follow the matches.

Firstly, it is not a major follow-up sport in Europe or Spain, as is the case with soccer, basketball or tennis. In addition, you can suffer zone restrictions or do not have access to sports payment channels, which are the ones that give access to these disciplines. In case you decide for free pirate web pages online, be cautious: we advise you to have a good updated antivirus payment because many of these websites could infect your machine with virus or malware. Others attract followers promising free services that they are not, so let’s go over some options you have to watch these games online.

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