Top 5 Worst Moments In Cam Newton’s Career

Cam Newton is not the brightest guy. But the Carolina Panthers’ QB stupidity scale has reached a new high level after making a sexist comment in full press conference. Is it the stupidest thing you’ve done in your career? Possibly yes, although we must be aware as with Newton, you never know.

Cam Newton

Precisely for this reason, we have been given the task of listing the five worst moments in Cam Newton’s career.

5. Your first friction with a journalist

Because no, this is not the first time that Cam Newton has a problem with a journalist. In the already distant 2012, the QB of Carolina came out annoying after a defeat before the Cowboys, questioned on the work of the defensive of its equipment and how to improve it, Newton responded with much “class”

I’m going to go and I’m going to come back with a suggestion box and I want your suggestions in that box for this because I do not know. I really do not know and I wish I could tell you but the only thing I control, charm, is myself

4. The day his truck collided in front of the stadium

Remember that everyone in Mexico City hated when they set the speed limit to 50? Clear! we all think it is too slow to bump into anything. Well, Cam Newton turned his truck at 56 km / h after striking a car that according to the QB, never saw it coming and broke two ribs.

I am not an expert on road issues, but I feel that in a three lane road, where there are no turns because it is a bridge, it is difficult not to see someone coming. Already says the commercial, “To circulate, release the cell phone”

3. His performance in Super Bowl 50

It arrived at the most important game of its race like the MVP of the season. He had lost only one game all year and had thrown 35 passing passes. All the reflectors were with him and the Super Bowl 50 was the perfect stage to rise as the new superstar of the NFL …

That night, Cam just completed 18 of 41 passes, did not throw any scoring, was intercepted once and lost the ball another time. He was caught six times behind the line of scrimmage and simply disappointed all who believed in him to win the game.

All this leads us to moment number 2.

2. The Super Bowl Post Press Conference

Nothing worse than a bad loser. Cam Newton was more news after his childish attitude at the press conference than for everything he did that night.

1. Your sexist response to the journalist

It is understood that you may be upset about losing the Super Bowl, it is understood that you may have a distraction in traffic and crashes. Come on, everyone had a bad day at work and things did not go as usual. But nothing, absolutely nothing justifies that you respond in a sexist way to a question that was completely related to the game.

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