The Worst Team In The NFL Of 2017 – Week 4

It was the first quarter of the season and we have four teams that still do not know the victory. In addition there are also three teams with a record of 1-3 and another with 1-2; that is to say that there is competition for the AntiTop-5 of the NFL, the box of shame, the candidate take the first pick of the 2018 Draft.

Week 4

For this edition came the Bengals, who crushed the Browns, as well as the Jets, who have offered more dignified performances these last weeks. Let’s go to the present:

5.- New York Giants – 0-4

Previous Position: 4

Time passes and the Giants can not find a way to win their first game this year. They have a very balanced team and continue to improve, however, they have not been consistent in the field. The picture is very complex for New York, and is that with a start that few would have imagined are forced to win virtually all games remaining to aspire to a ticket in the playoffs, especially because of the great competition in the NFC .

4.- Los Angeles Chargers – 0-4

Previous position: NA
Another uncertain and mediocre season looming for the Chargers. This team specializes in losing closed games and giving away in the fourth quarter, they did against the Broncos, Dolphins and Eagles. The worst thing for them is that they come in four complicated games (Giants, Raiders, Broncos, Patriots) and three in visitor condition. In a very optimistic scenario, they would win only one.

3.- San Francisco 49ers – 0-4

Previous position: NA

They were absent from our list for a week after a worthy loss to the Rams, however they have returned. Brian Hoyer is not to be a starting QB in the NFL and overall his offense lacks weapons. The outlook is not encouraging, with the exception of their next game against the Colts, they will have tough encounters with Redskins, Cowboys and Eagles in the coming weeks. No doubt they will suffer to the maximum to have one or two victories this year.

2.- Miami Dolphins – 1-2

Previous Position: 5
The Dolphins are one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL so far. It’s sad, since compared to the rest of the teams on this list are the most talented. The biggest problem for this team is that Jay Cutler is not working and so his offense is one of the worst so far this season. Dolphins should look for alternatives in the QB position.

1.- Cleveland Browns – 0-4

Previous Position: 1

The situation continues to worsen for the Browns. The offense is practically non-existent and rookie DeShone Kizer still has serious difficulties ahead, which is why he was sent to the bench. After losing to Colts and Bengals, “weak” teams before which they had a chance, now it is again difficult for them to win at least one game this season. Next week they host the Jets, who tie two wins and I think this game could be their last chance to win anything this year.

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