The 5 Best Games Of The Week 5 NFL 2017

We get to the first quarter of the season, the experiments are over, the teams are starting to take on both the playoffs and the “honor” of choosing next year’s Draft.

nfl week 5

Let’s review the best games of week 5. Remember to be aware of our post with the links to see these games, as well as details of the rest of the day.

5.- San Francisco 49ers vs Indianapolis Colts

On paper it’s a match between two mediocre teams that do not seem to get up, but I think there’s a lot more in the background. This match will end up being one of the best of the week, really.

San Francisco is one of the few teams that still does not win and that is not a good card to put in this column but in three of those four games have lost by less than 1 TD. In those three meetings his rivals have been Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals, not simple.

I can not speak very well of the Colts, without Andrew Luck have been very lost but have sparked. Young QB Brissett moves the team. It’s a fairly even game that can become really fun, I recommend it.

4.- New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Patriots can either score 30 or 40 points, their defense is a proven disaster, and before Jameis Winston and company will have their hands full. Of course the Pats also with able to score many points, so this TNF paints very well.

Patriots with losing brand? very dangerous to see them like this. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have to win as much as they can because they are in the most competitive division of the NFL, to the surprise of some.

3.- Carolina Panthers vs Detroit Lions

The Panthers are having trouble making points and the controversy this week by Cam Newton is not going to help the group improve, but their defense is making the chamba difficult. The team needs to improve, test and visit the Lions can lift their morale.

On the other hand, Detroit leads their division but is in a situation similar to that of Carolina, they have not really faced any level teams except Minnesota, and lost last week. It’s a good time to measure his offense, I expect a few points, but the Lions offense will pull him out.

2.- Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans

Any team that plays before the Chiefs is going to want to enter with all the party for the simple fact to take away the undefeated to them, and this week will touch to the Texans, that come from a victory very surprising before the Titans. Surprised by the way they tore up Tennessee, Deshaun Watson showed great level using all the weapons she possesses to the offense.

The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL not only because of their record, but because they have shown a good balance between their offense and their defense. They have weaknesses: when the Redskins stopped Kareem Hunt the attack was handcuffed, but without losing the head they returned to its roots and they took the party.

1.-Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

The rematch of the divisional game in the NFC last year that the Packers won 34-31. Dallas has not forgotten and wants revenge.

Two of the best NFC teams, and maybe the ones we could see in the Conference finals this year. On paper is by far the best match of the week, both need to win to reach the leaders of their divisions.

The Packers arrive with several sensitive injuries that could affect the outcome, but as long as Aaron Rodgers manages his attack, they can never give up.

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