Patriots vs. Buccaneers- Match Analysis

When you have a home game where you only make three of 11 third-place opportunities, you allow 409 total offense yards and you have two turnovers you’re rarely going to win. But the Patriots managed to do that because Tampa Bay got tired of missing the opportunities it had and ended up losing 19-14.

The match was over when …

Jameis Winston threw an incomplete pass into the end zone with the clock at 0:00 so that the Patriots could finally breathe easy and leave Tampa Bay with a win, putting them on a 3-2 record.

Analysis of the Patriots vs Buccaneers

Nick Folk (and also Jameis Winston and the rest of the team) gave the game.

At least there are 5-7 moments that the Bucs, when reviewing this game again, are going to realize that they could have won without so many problems. In the role Tampa Bay was a superior team, but the mistakes in the key moments ended up killing them.

Evidently the first villain is Nick Folk, who failed all three FG attempts he had, including a 31-yard obscene with 5:36 left to play.

But not only is he to blame. The Bucs lost a TD for a penalty when they were in the goal zone, missed their first 7-chance conversion and decided to stop running even though Doug Martin averaged 5.7 yards per carry.

Patriots vs. Buccaneers

The decision to kick short after TD also turned out to be a disaster, since although they stopped the Patriots allowed three points that in the end proved to be the difference.

The Patriots’ defense is a disaster.

For the fourth consecutive game they allowed a QB to throw them for more than 300 yards, rarely could put pressure and also when Tampa Bay wanted to run them. Miscommunication, lack of discipline (we rarely see Bill Belichick lose his composure for punishment, but today we did). In spite of all that this equipment has a mark of 3-2 and ten days to adjust in the week 6.

Hammers Winston only had sparks, nothing more.

The Patriots’ QB did not play well. His handling of the clock in the last offensive series was fatal, he failed too much in third-rate conversions and, although he was released a couple of passes, he could not take advantage of a defensive that had not stopped anyone this season. He had more than 200 yards in the fourth quarter, but it was more out of desperation than talent. He only completed 56.5% of his passes.

They’re hitting on Tom Brady.

Another detail that should be alarming for the Patriots is the amount of punishment that Brady received in this game as they allowed three sacks tonight (16 in five games) plus an endless number of plays where he was beaten. Despite that managed to make some incredible moves, but also had two ball deliveries.

Is everything going to be okay with the Patriots?

That’s a great question. The story tells us that yes, that the best of Bill Belichick’s team starts in November and from there they become almost unstoppable. The reality is different (I do not want to say that they are going downhill) mainly because now there are many problems to solve, like having the worst defensive of the NFL, allow pressure to Tom Brady and slow down the game terrestrial. If life were fair this team would only have one win, but despite all the bad that has happened to them they have winning mark and time to adjust.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Stephen Gostkowski – K – Patriots

He was responsible for 13 of the 19 points New England scored tonight. The Patriots know they have a safe kicker.

Villano – Nick Folk – K – Buccaneers

When people start asking for Roberto Aguayo you know it’s not your night. Tampa Bay is likely to have a new kicker for next week.

Whats Next?


They visit the Jets in week 6 in a game that a couple of weeks ago looked like a process, but at least now it should worry the Pats a little. It remains to see if New York can with Cleveland this week.


They start a streak of three visits in the next four weeks in Arizona. The problem is that they lose ground in their tight division.

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