Analysis Week 4 NFL 2017 – Bills vs. Falcons

The Bills are for real. At least his defense is and with that he was enough to give the bell of the week to beat the Atlanta Falcons and take the undefeated at home. Matt Ryan was intercepted twice and Buffalo kicker Stephen Hauschka proved the value of having a reliable man in these circumstances.

Bills vs. Falcons

The match was over when …

Matt Ryan could not complete a fourth and one in the 10th of enemy territory. The Falcons’ QB was erratic throughout the game and with a defense against the pass as aggressive as Buffalo, this ended up costing the game.

analysis of the Bills vs Falcons

Yes, Buffalo has a GREAT defensive against the pass

McCown, Newton and Sieman did not seem like a demanding defensive midfielder for Buffalo, but the Bills showed their defensive pass to stop Matt Ryan. They intercepted him twice, returned a fumble to the zone of annotation and in the moment of greater tension of the game, they stopped the Falcons to 10 yards of their zone of annotation.

The departure of Julio Jones affection to the Falcons

Losing a player like Julio Jones at any point in the game is painful. However, the Falcons lost him very early in the game. Jones was the only man who until that moment was complicating the life to the secondary zone of Buffalo, reason why to be injured of the hip it subtracted a headache less to the Bills.

Tyrod Taylor is able to play as a constant QB

Despite statistics saying he only had 182 yards and a touchdown pass, Tyrod Taylor was safe and consistent on Sunday. Charles Clay is his favorite target and for the first time in the season he was calm in the protective bag. So much to escape from her when she collapsed, to stand there and not run off at the first attempt at pressure.

Atlanta must have exploded more to its runners

The Falcons attempted 42 passing passes. And if Matt Ryan had not turned out fine this afternoon, he would have taken advantage of that runner tandem led by Devonta Freeman that every time he had the ball, he got a good yardage. Between Coleman and Freeman they added 137 yards, in addition that Coleman added 65 yards by air.

Hauschka, more constant than my personal relationships

Three of three for kicker Stephen Hauschka. His hits were 24, 55 and 56 yards. Same that served to tie the party and keep the Falcons at bay. In past seasons, the Bills let several games go because of Dan Carpenter, with Hauschka, it seems like those days are history.

Reality hit for the Falcons

Last week they must have lost in Detroit. Having come out of there with a victory in the last play and facing the Bills could have created an overconfidence in the defending champions of the NFC who ended up receiving a stroke of humility.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Stephen Hauschka – K – Bills

When the game was tied 17-17, Sean McDermott gave him the confidence to connect a 56-yard field goal. Hauschka did not disappoint his head coach and put the Bills to the front, being that if it failed, it left the Falcons with good position of field. The story was repeated minutes later and again the kicker did not disappoint.

Villain – Matt Ryan – QB – Falcons

It is not common to see him make bad decisions, but this time he did it especially in the first intercept. Ryan looked desperate and forced the pass. Far from watching him make big plays or stay calm to connect with a receiver that was not marked. So much so, that cost him the game in the end.

Whats Next?

Buffalo Bills

In week 5 the Buffalo Bills will travel to Cincinnati to face Andy Dalton’s Bengals. A couple of games this visit would have seemed simple, but the Bengals have recovered their pace and come very motivated after beating the Browns.

Atlanta Falcons

They no longer look who did it but who pays for it and those are the Miami Dolphins. Atlanta hosts one of the most-needed teams this season. Perfect situation to close ranks and again be that dominant force at home.

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