Analysis Of The Week 4 NFL 2017 – Panthers vs Patriots

This time there was no happy ending in New England. The Patriots were defeated by the Panthers who took advantage of all the facilities that the Pats defense allowed in the match.

The game ended when …

With four seconds to go, Graham Gano got a 48-yard field goal to give the Panthers a win.

Panthers vs Patriots

Panthers vs Patriots Analysis

The Patriots’ defense is a complete disaster

The performance of his defense continues to be disappointing, especially his perimeter, which has been unable to stop the rival’s big plays, in addition to his poor coverage in goal area. The Panthers, who had not been very solid offensively, were strong on that side, achieving 456 total yards, of which 316 went by air. They also scored their most points in the season (33).

It is difficult to find an explanation for defensive problems in New England. Structurally, this defensive is the same of the previous year and same that concluded like the best in allowed points. LB Dont’a Hightower returned for this match and could do little. It is time for Bill Belichick to show all his experience and make adjustments in his defense, otherwise, they will continue to suffer in each game.

Cam Newton knows how to play on the defensive of Bill Belichick

If anything Newton can boast in his NFL career is that he is 2-0 against the Patriots of Bill Belichick. Again the agile QB represented a problem for the Patriots’ defense, which found no solutions throughout the match. Super Cam took advantage of his mobility with his legs and played with the confusion of the front-7 of the Pats. He scored TD on the ground and three more in the area.

A painful punishment that sentenced the game

The Panthers had gone 14 points up on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter, though, as expected, Tom Brady’s response was immediate and the Pats’ offense managed to equalize with just over two minutes to end the game. When the Patriots miraculously managed to stop the Panthers in their field on a third chance, a penalty from cornerback Stephon Gilmore over receiver Devin Funchess gave the Panthers the first and ten to continue advancing and set the scene for the field goal of triumph. Without a doubt, the play that defined the match.

The Patriots are totally dependent on their offense

Thanks to their offense the Patriots could be competitive in this party and they took it until the last instance. So far his two wins have been credit for his offense. As long as Tom Brady remains dominant, they will be a competitive and dangerous team offensively. For now they remain the offensive number one in the season and surely this will help them win more games, however, should improve on the defensive to aim higher against the strong opponents, especially if they want to reach another Super Bowl.

The Panthers did not miss Greg Olsen

True, they faced a very fragile defense and it is difficult to give a diagnosis under those conditions. However, the Panthers’ offense went well without their tight end and managed to have their best offensive game so far this season. The great game of their receivers Devin Funchess and Kelvin Benjamin, makes them a dangerous team, besides the versatility of rookie Christian McCaffrey outside the backfield.

The Patriots offensive line is very irregular

Another factor that begins to play against the Patriots is the performance of their offensive line, which is having serious problems for blocks for their runners, who are stopped very fast in the play. In addition, the protection offered to Tom Brady has been very irregular. Fortunately Brady tends to get rid of the ball very fast and makes smart decisions when he feels under a lot of pressure, however, he is sometimes exposed to late blows or situations that could lead to some negative play. In this respect, the Patriots should improve soon.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Cam Newton – QB – Panthers

Newton took advantage of good form the great advantages that the defense of New England offered in the party. It is not the best performance in his career, nevertheless he was remarkable the work that realized in the field. He threw 316 yards and managed to score 4 TD.

Villano -Stephon Gilmore – CB – Patriots

The cornerback for which the Patriots paid $ 60 million has been a disappointment so far. His performance in this match was disappointing to the degree that Bill Belichick decided to send it to the bench and only for an injury of the third CB had opportunity to return to the field. To make matters worse, in the last drive of the game he committed a punishment that gave the Panthers the first and ten to continue advancing yards and later to obtain the victory.

Whats Next?


After a valuable victory at Gillette Stadium, the Panthers will travel to Detroit to face the Lions, a team that has been a welcome surprise for the season and could be complicated. This will be a difficult game for the Panthers and will be very attractive if they repeat this great performance.


They will have a short week of preparation to travel to Tampa Bay and face the Buccaneers on Thursday night. A duel that looks very attractive by the power of both offensives and that could result in many points. It will be interesting to observe the reaction of the Patriots, mainly of their defense.

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